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I was so lucky to catch this melding of dance, music, and art at the Blanton Museum yesterday in the Sound Space project. Michelle Thompson, the wonderful choreographer with whom I’ve worked on Califa collaborations, dreamed up 4 dances in different rooms of modern and contemporary art, and Magdalena Jarkowiec, a fierce and leggy dancer, designed the modern art-inspired costumes. I’m sorry not to have pictures of Beth Terwilleger dancing in front of the Joan Mitchell to Ethan Greene’s wonderful new composition, “Aerial Ballet”, performed by solo cellist Liz Lee. Greene’s piece starts from a poem by Cornelius Eady of the same name, in which he repeats the refrain, “I am not done with my falling”. I think this line, with equal parts affirmation and lack of control, will be a starting point for a new body of work for me. The performance was interrupted by a fire alarm, but we were lucky enough to see the piece again, and the second performance only underscored the complexity of the music and the dance. Here’s a link to video of the cellist performing. 

I do have pictures of Magdalena dancing a ritualistic and seeking dance around the Richard Long floor sculpture, and Lisa del Rosario weaving in and out, like a copper nymph, of Cildo Miereles’ piece with 600,000 pennies. Lastly was a piece featuring Sound Space’s organizer Steve Parker on trombone, and a humorous turn for Thompson, who had dancers Terwilleger and Emily McLaughlin pop in and out of the doorways at both ends of the large modern hall. When it was all over, I felt I could have stayed all afternoon watching more dances and listening to more impeccable music. 

Sound Space will happen again in the spring, and I urge you not to miss it!

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