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If you remember my post a few months ago, in which I gush over the outpouring of talent I witnessed at the Blanton Museum in a performance that happened only one afternoon, and if you felt pangs of regret at having missed it, then don’t miss:

The Blanton’s SoundSpace: MUSICIRCUS

Saturday, February 4, 2PM
In celebration of his 100th birthday, The Blanton presents John Cage’s MUSICIRCUS, bringing together musicians, dancers, and performance artists from Austin’s artistic community. First performed in 1967, MUSICIRCUS is a cacophony of simultaneous performances, determined by chance distribution. Embedded within this presentation will be the works of Cage, his contemporaries, and artists directly influenced by him.

Organized by Steven Parker, Blanton Museum Artist-in-Residence and graduate student in performance art in the UT Butler School of Music.

Here is a link to the event page on facebook.

And also: isn’t it great that John Cage is so happy all the time? He clearly knows the secret. 

— 2 years ago